Iberian lynx - Lynx pardinus

Iberian lynx facts

Males 11 – 15 kg
Females 8 – 12 kg

Mating: Peak in January
Birth: March - April, but can occur year round
Litter size: 2-4, normally 2-3

Strictly carnivorous
Rabbits dominate, but can also eat other medium and small mammals and birds.
Social organisation
Solitary and territorial - little overlap with members of same sex.

Home ranges
Vary from 10 to 17 km2 for males and 5 to 12 km2 for females.

Iberian lynx. Photo ©


(1) Iberian lynx are the world's most endangered cat species, listed by the IUCN as critically endangered.

(2) The most immediate threat is due to critically small size of the only two existing populations.

(3) The barriers to their recovery include

- low prey base, due to diseases in rabbits

- mortality from illegal killing and vehicle collisions

- habitat conversion