Balkan lynx kitten - hope for a small population?

Balkan lynx kitten - hope for a small population?

Author: John Linnell/Tuesday, September 4, 2007/Categories: Gallery

The southwest Balkans (mainly Macedonia and Albania) are the last stronghold of one of the most endangered Eurasian lynx populations in Europe. There is a great lack of data on the ecology and status of this population, although a new project is making progress in mapping their distribution. This picture of a kitten taken on Stogovo mountain in NW Macedonia is the first hard fact of reproduction in this population for many years, providing a slight glimmer of hope for its survival. This Balkan population is special in that it represents one of the four lynx populations (along with the Scandinavian, the Baltic and the Carpathian) that has persisted in Europe. All others, such as those in the Alps or the northwestern Balkans have been reintroduced. The distinction is such that many authorities regard the southwest Balkan lynx as an own subspecies.

Text: John Linnell / Photo: Panajot Choreski


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