Visibility for the Balkan lynx

Visibility for the Balkan lynx

Author: John Linnell/Friday, March 22, 2013/Categories: Gallery

The Balkan lynx is the least known lynx population in Europe, occurring only on the border between Albania and Macedonia, it has been little studied until recent years. Since 2005, researchers from these countries have been working hard to gather some field data on this population and to increase public awareness of its plight. A recent great advance was made when the Macedonian football team decided to integrate the lynx onto their football strip as a new symbol. The logo of the lynx's head is very subtle, only visible in certain angles and certain lights despite covering a large part of the strip. Just like the lynx itself! Let's hope the new symbol brings good luck to both the football team, and the lynx.

Text: John Linnell / Photo: Macedonian Ecological Society


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