Wolverine, Troms County, Norway

Wolverine, Troms County, Norway

Author: John Linnell/Saturday, November 5, 2005/Categories: Gallery

Wolverines are the fifth of the large carnivore species that the LCIE focus on. They are probably the least known of the species, both in terms of their ecology, and also in terms of public awareness of their existence. Mainly found throughout the mountains that run along the spine of the Scandinavian peninsula and in northern Finland, some individuals have recently recolonised parts of the boreal forest in Norway, Sweden and Finland. Wolverines are often called "the hyaena of the north" because a large part of their diet comes from scavenging. However, they are able to kill domestic sheep and semi-domestic reindeer, which has led to many conflicts with human interests throughout their range. These conflicts motivate illegal killing and official lethal control programs that are designed to limit their numbers. Wolverines are also slow reproducers, which makes their populations more vulnerable.

Text: John Linnell / Photo: Arild Landa


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